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10 year Anniversary: Opening office & Coronation to Chief

Wegdam Food Link (WFL) has grown incredibly fast in the food business. Ten years ago Brian Wegdam started his company with this vision: add value in the chain, help ambitious people to grow and pave the way for our suppliers.

With the honorable Madame Eunice Buah from Labianca Company in Ghana, Wegdam grew together by hard work, dedication and doing business with mutual trust. Both companies have become the number one in frozen food suppliers in Ghana.

Besides Ghana, WFL is active in over 30 countries in Africa and is developing its business in the Middle East and Asia.

Friday the 7th of June 2019 WFL organized a party to celebrate where we are now. Over 80 guests from Labianca, our dear customers from other African countries and suppliers from all over the world, came to celebrate with us. We were delighted that so many of our business partners were able to celebrate this milestone with us.

Our guests from abroad met at the touristic train station from where they travelled by a historic steam train to the station situated opposite our new office.

Highlight of the day was the coronation ceremony of Brian Wegdam who was crowned Nana Oyemarlibue Kweku Brian – meaning ‘He who saves the nation’. The colorful ritual, performed by chiefs that travelled all the way from Ghana, was both beautiful and fascinating to watch. The pictures below speak for themselves.

Thank you again for celebrating with us and the generous donations to the Wegdam Foundation!

For an impression please see the pictures and videos above and below.

About Us

We see the international food business as a chain from producer to end user, with Wegdam Food Link as the key link in it. Our approach is clear. We look to the needs of our clients and facilitate wherever we can. This personal approach enables us to establish sustainable relationships with our clients. And as we always have our focus on the long term, we are also able to cooperate with producers in an enduring mode.

In this way our selected suppliers can count on their sale on a solid base and our clients can always count on the excellent quality products we offer.

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