Frozen meat / poultry


Frozen meat / poultry

Always go for the best. Wegdam Food Link offers top quality frozen meat and poultry, produced by a selected group of suppliers from Europe, North- and South America. Mainly packed under the brands Nana, Ayekoo and Chef Special, we deliver a great variety of products. Our vast network ensures us that we can always meet your demands.

Our sourcing is done worldwide on 5 continents. Due to daily contact with our global network of suppliers and customers we are always aware of new trends and capable to respond quickly to market changes. We are your partner for the supply of all frozen food commodities. To give you an impression of our possibilities;

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CHICKEN (Europe, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chili)
Leg quarters | Backs | Wings | Carcasses | Wing tips | Grillers |Sausages | Feet | Gizzards | Drums


About Us

We see the international food business as a chain from producer to end user, with Wegdam Food Link as the key link in it. Our approach is clear. We look to the needs of our clients and facilitate wherever we can. This personal approach enables us to establish sustainable relationships with our clients. And as we always have our focus on the long term, we are also able to cooperate with producers in an enduring mode.

In this way our selected suppliers can count on their sale on a solid base and our clients can always count on the excellent quality products we offer.

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